Mu leng city mu leng town sen hong wood products factory for you free of charge to provide the floor board manufacturers, please pay attention!
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  Enterprise spirit: simplicity, pragmatism, integrity, innovation,

  Enterprise goals: striving and enterprising, innovative and pioneering, based on longjiang, going to the world,

  Enterprise concept: pursuing excellence is the sail of senhong voyage, creating value and driving force of its development.

  Enterprise integrity: people without trust do not stand, home without trust do not feud, business without trust do not flourish, integrity to people benefit and self

  Enterprise persistence: persistence with regrets and no regrets, persistence with confusion and not abandoning, is the only way to achieve the takeoff of the enterprise.

  Corporate responsibility: responsibility to fly the dream, responsibility to write glory, responsibility to gather strength, responsibility to create brilliant.

  Enterprise pursuit: the beauty of simplicity is the eternal pursuit of sen hong: simplicity is the foundation of enterprises, the soul of macro enterprises, the rock of li, the wing of takeoff.


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