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Matters needing attention and advantages for installation of sports wood flooring

Issuing time:2018-11-17 13:36


  When carrying out the construction of wooden floor of sports sport, master a certain degree of tightness well, because the wooden floor of sports sport can produce the phenomenon of expansion and contraction with different indoor temperature and humidity environment. Accordingly, before undertake floor installation is spliced, the indoor temperature that should use a space, humidity change will adjust the installation tightness of arrangement wood floor. If too loose, the floor will shrink when the gap will become large, if too tight, the floor will be inflated when it will become warped. To traditional household wooden floor board, professional sports wood floor board can have an advantage more in use performance. We can see that professional sports wooden floor absorbing shocks on the form is bound to have this functionality, usually people in sports, especially when jumping were less likely to be hurt, because sports wooden floor has certain soft, vibration and noise in motion will be weakened, because there is such a function would let people in sports wood floor exercise will not affect neighbors up and down too.

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