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Solid wood sports flooring factory teaches you to repair motor wood floors

Issuing time:2018-11-17 13:42

As motion wood floor is more and more common in the life, motion wood floor is out of shape became the thing with the most perplexing client, no matter be what kind of floor board, want to be out of shape only, not be because of construction problem, be because maintain undeserved problem, so when motion wood floor is out of shape, how should we repair.

  Real wood floor has absorbent water, so it can be out of shape is inevitable thing, and because different air temperature is affected in different area, the floor has certain flexibility, so a few real wood move floor manufacturer to sell to the wooden floor of different area can do a few corresponding processing. If motion wood floor is out of shape because of natural condition, be not because of manufacturer quality is unqualified, be because of install undeserved cause.

  Solid wood movement are mostly using natural solid wood floor, when be affected with damp be affected with damp can appear the phenomenon such as deformation, so we we should pay attention on the maintenance of floor of real wood movement, if accidentally spilled water on the ground, should keep clear of in time, avoid the permeability is bad things covered in real wood floor, check the sealing of doors and Windows and plumbing facilities, prevent the solid wood floor deformation.

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