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The advantage of sports floors

Issuing time:2018-11-17 13:43

The advantage of sports floors

  As people pay more and more attention to fitness and health, a lot of people chose to go to the gym to exercise, exercise can strengthen the body fitness, but in the process of exercise, the choice of the floor is also crucial, a lot of gyms, gym will choose the floor sports, the next small make up to tell you the advantage of the floor sports.

  1, when we move, affirmation can produce friction with the floor, common floor is in after passing bump, can have a few trace, and athletic sports floor is met when be hit, meet moderate deformation when be hit, when we are falling, athletic sports floor can reduce the harm to us to the greatest limit.

  2, when we exercise, more or less can have a vibration in sports floor, sports flooring has the function of absorbing vibration athletes in sports floor impact force, relatively better than in ordinary on the floor of the impact force is much smaller, can protect the athlete's body, is we don't hurt in the process of movement, this effect is considered the one at the time of movement will not affect the people nearby.

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