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What advantages does the sports floor have?

Issuing time:2018-11-17 13:39

Sports floors belong to lightly or non-corrosion-resistant wood heartwood. Heartwood has the permeability of impermeable agents, but because of the wood permeable preservatives. Light red to light brown; Uniform structure and straight texture; Solid wood, impact resistant; (maple) thick, with good strength and tension, especially high abrasion resistance and tear resistance, and steam bending tension.

  The wood is shiny and has no special smell or taste. Wood is heavy and strong, and its material is resistant to decay. Sports flooring is a good material for flooring. Easy cutting, milling, rotation, drilling, polishing. Oak wood is white to light brown, heartwood brown, mostly straight, thicker texture. Tussah wood is heavy, has medium bending strength and stiffness, high breaking strength, excellent resistance to steam bending. It can be used for indoor badminton hall, basketball hall, volleyball hall, stage floor, furniture, interior architectural design, etc. Large shrinkage, easy to replace performance.

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