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Sports floor preservation is very important

Issuing time:2018-11-17 13:40

With the development of The Times, sports floor is favored by more and more people, but sports and PVC sports flooring is different, sports floor must be embalmed can be used, because embalmed sports floor can effectively prevent the water rot, insect problems such as corrosion, so it is very important to sports floor anticorrosion, only good anticorrosive processing, can prolong the service life of sports flooring.


The anticorrosive treatment of athletic sports floor basically is to the material that is closer to the ground undertakes anticorrosion, this kind of antiseptic besides have moistureproof function, still can prevent insect to corrode the floor, generally speaking, keel is the part that is closest to the ground, accordingly we should undertake anticorrosive treatment to keel commonly. The material that the athletic sports floor of wood of sen hong industry USES is import material, in strengthening business management, raise product quality while, sen hong develops new product ceaselessly, satisfied the demand of travelling trader, get travelling trader's affection deeply.

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