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Issuing time:2018-11-17 13:40

Along with the development of The Times, people's health consciousness and aesthetic level gradually improve, even sports floor in order to comply with the requirements of modern also appeared a lot of kinds, now more and more people choose real wood floor, but also has a lot of entropy of real wood movement floor on the market, the price also is very beautiful, some people in order to covet a cheap and choose cheaper wood movement floor, the results found after using quality no good, so I when choosing real wood floor, should how to choose a regular sports flooring manufacturer.


  Sports floor manufacturers on senhong long wood products. When buying real wood sports floor, have a lot of customer to like to bargain price, feel athletic floor manufacturer charge is expensive, but "one cent one cent goods" this sentence is not unreasonable, the quality of real wood sports floor depends on your choice, because good so expensive, the product is expensive in quality, the good matter that did not pick cheap in the world. "We can't give you the lowest price, but we can give you the highest quality.

  Good solid wood movement floor, 3 cent see quality, 7 cent see installation, motion floor manufacturer sen hong woodwork factory is founded 1995, factory area covers an area of 40,000 square metre, factory area 2800 square metre, existing employee 130 people, engineering technology personnel 20 people. The company has advanced flooring production lines in Germany and Taiwan with fixed assets of more than 80 million yuan. Because of the high quality products are welcomed by international customers, there is a need for solid wood sports floor can be found senhong.

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