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The importance of anti-skid maintenance of sports floor

Issuing time:2018-11-17 13:40

Sports and home floor by floor is two completely different floor, now most of the manufacturer of solid wood movement floor sound field sports floor is very slippery, some clients choose on sports floor covered with a layer of plastic floor to prevent slippery, but doing so would cost is very high, there are some customers will choose to maintain, but some of the maintenance mode is not desirable, such as some customers on sports floor wax, is absolutely not allowed, doing that can lead to sports floor more and more slippery, can't ensure our security.

  Sports in the aspect of non-slip floor processing is very important, if the floor is very slippery sport, may cause harm to the athletes, will also affect the usual training, etc., and now there are a lot of real wood movement floor manufacturer in order to reduce the cost, can choose relatively cheap paint, but these are generally don't have the function of the skid.

  In what is now on the market, in view of the sports floor antiskid some maintenance also emerge in the liquid, and other products, but a lot of the effect is not very good, and the standard of products is also very few, even some can produce a pungent odor, some only for a short period of time, so in the choice of sports floor, we have to to the movement floor of real wood of professional, formal manufacturers choose better quality, prevent slippery sport floor, like we usually in order to ensure that in use process to ensure our security, as well as the late maintenance of save a lot of expenses.


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