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Causes of floor deformation in sports

Issuing time:2018-11-17 13:41

In life, we often can see in the gym or indoor stadium sports flooring, sports flooring for the friend that loves sports should be very important, so the gym or indoor stadium in the choice of sports flooring is very even, only good sports floor can brings to the campaigners the good experience, protect our security.

  With the usage of sport floor more and more people begin to pay attention to the problem of sports floor, and one of the most common problem is the sports floor deformation of the arch, this will not only effect the beauty of the sports floor, will also affect the safety of the consumer, so what is the cause of the sports flooring, sen macro wood industry to analyze to you:

  1. If the material of the sports floor is not well processed and the moisture of the wood is heavy, it will lead to the deformation of the sports floor;

  2. If geothermal is installed on the ground, after repeated baking, it will lead to deformation of the sports floor;

  3. When installing the sports floor, there is no expansion joint reserved for the floor, which will lead to the springing of the sports floor;

  4. Sports floors are soaked in water, which can lead to springing of sports floors.

  Above is the reason why sports of the arch since the floor deformation, so we should how to avoid sports deformation of the arch since the floor, had better look for a professional manufacturer of sports flooring installation for our sports floor installation, so that we can avoid these problems, sen macro wood products factory is a professional sports flooring manufacturer, is MuLing city top 50 enterprises, worthy of our trust.

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