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Heilongjiang sports floor manufacturer teaches you how to maintain the floor

Issuing time:2018-11-17 13:42

The product material that heilongjiang motion floor manufacturer produces is qualitative had better, after using a few years, motion floor does not appear the circumstance that is out of shape, but because use time is too long bring about motion floor surface lacquer face already dim no light and scratch more, produce very big effect to beautiful degree. So this also explains the daily maintenance work of solid wood sports floor is very important.

  Heilongjiang athletic floor manufacturer suggests everybody does not use water to brush motor wood floor often, and brush for a long time, can affect the surface of wooden floor photochemical. So water does not have profit actually to wooden floor, the proposal is used dry dishcloth cleans the floor.

  Shop outfit respect also should notice, once shop outfit is bad, can cause the floor to rise, warping or deformation problem. And indoor environment also can produce effect to the floor. Athletic floor should often clean, maintain, otherwise the burnish of its surface disappears quickly. Waxing the floor regularly will also keep the shine.

  Because region reason, a lot of area air is moist, the moisture of motion floor can be lost gradually, long-term lack water can affect the service life of wooden floor very much, to this kind of circumstance, can fill moisture for wooden floor regularly, prevent the loss of moisture, avoid floor to appear crack. Doing so restores the appearance of the surface and increases the service life.

  To repair the scratches on the sports floor, we use wax to fill them up. If there are serious scratches, we can find professionals to repair them, so as to guarantee the usability of the products of heilongjiang sports floor manufacturer.

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