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Refers to take the floor
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Refers to take the floor
产品规格: 桦木指接地板
产品品种: 15*90*1820mm
Product details

  A lot of people don't know what is refers to the floor, but in life we often can see the existence of the ground plate, refers to the floor more beautiful than the ordinary floor, refers to the floor from Japanese technology, is a kind of special requirements of the modern aesthetic, so that after the floor is the floor of not a few, refers to the ground surface processing is more strict, more accurate, require the same cross section size; Same species of tree; Same moisture content, wood is 100 percent of the pursuit of perfection, pointing to the floor to achieve better, more beautiful. The utilization rate that points to receive a floor is very tall actually all the time, because point to receive a floor not only save resource, and very environmental protection, point to receive a floor to use in the life so frequency is very big, decorate household, school, art gallery to wait for all sorts of public place to be able to use! Welcome customers to buy the floor, want to consider the purchase of the floor, welcome to buy calls! Senhong wood industry full heart, sincere service for you!

  Contact person: Mr. Chen

  Contact number: 13766633188

  Address: muling city muling town heping road and cultural street intersection

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