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Sports floor
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Sports floor
产品规格: Birch fingered the floor
产品品种: 22*70*2000mm
Product details

  The current society, sports floor has been widely used in large gymnasium, sports flooring for many large sports pavilion place is particularly important, is not only a good appearance atmosphere, the quality is Paramount, macro wood home sports floor, to meet the needs of athletes tailored, according to the requirements of each athlete to constantly innovation and promotion, therefore, macro wood sports floor of the house of relative to the industry of sports flooring is the icing on the cake, sports floor of course choose our macro wood industry, we are responsible for you, is also responsible for our own, serious work, Is our request to the employee, this this cent cent makes the floor is our request to the oneself, so, I dare assurance you want to choose the sports movement floor to come to us sen hong wood industry!! We welcome your presence at all times!

  Contact person: Mr. Chen

  Contact number: 13766633188

  Address: muling city muling town heping road and cultural street intersection

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