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Stadium floor
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Stadium floor
产品规格: Tussah fingerling floor
产品品种: 22*70*2000mm
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  Sen macro wood stadium floor production installation construction through-train service, the stadium floor has very strict requirements to the grinding, so don't give the stadium floor wax, the stadium floor material is different, the stadium floor to choose better maple or oak wood, the stadium floor production requirements are very high, the macro we sen wood industry holds on fighting castmagnificently, quality achievements in the market, the principles, requirements are responsible for every customer, choose the stadium floor to our macro, sen macro wood to own request is one hundred percent perfect, we want each macro to sen wood industry customers satisfaction. This is our own requirements, but also customer service attitude!!

  Contact person: Mr. Chen

  Contact number: 13766633188

  Address: muling city muling town heping road and cultural street intersection

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