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Sports floor company
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Sports floor company
产品规格: Birch fingered the floor
产品品种: 22*70*2000mm
Product details

  Senhong wood industry is a professional sports floor company, is the production, logistics, after-sale, installation services in one of the sports floor companies, now young people, and office workers, are in their environment particularly melodramatic, everything is required to be perfect, senhong wood industry company also to their own requirements to be perfect. We are a very professional sports flooring company, contracts for a lot of the gym floor production and installation, word of mouth of absolute good, the movement floor company general won't like us's macro has a perfect full service system, especially the installation, movement floor company not to install, so the floor yes will shorten the service life, if installed in perfect, will continue to strengthen service life!!!!!

  Contact person: Chen jingli

  Contact number: 13766633188

  Address: muling city muling town heping road and cultural street intersection

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Which sports floor is good?How about the basketball wood floor installation?The company specializes in providing heilongjiang sports wood flooring, sports wood flooring,Welcome to call production customization!