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Sports floor
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Sports floor
产品规格: Birch ecru
产品品种: 22*70*2000mm
Product details

  Macro wood industry focus on doing the floor more than 10 years, for each board is delicate and refinement, asked to do the best, the production of all products for export trade, is not a disgrace to the Chinese, like sports floor, is one of our main production floor, for sports floor, we compared with the ordinary sports floor more excellent performance, high shock absorption performance, resistance to deformation properties of wooden floor system, sports flooring, commonly used in the basketball court, badminton courts, table tennis field, because of various reasons, we sen macro wood more pay attention to the feelings of users, strive for the best, Moistureproof also is better than average sports floor. So, the person that wants to buy sports floor, come to our wood industry to visit, you can see our scale, decide your choice again! We welcome you at any time!!

  Contact person: Mr. Chen

  Contact number: 13766633188

  Address: muling city muling town heping road and cultural street intersection

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Which sports floor is good?How about the basketball wood floor installation?The company specializes in providing heilongjiang sports wood flooring, sports wood flooring,Welcome to call production customization!