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Normal geothermal floor manufacturers
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Normal geothermal floor manufacturers
产品规格: Tussah fingerling floor
产品品种: 15*75*1818mm
Product details

  Macro wood is the most normal geothermal floor manufacturer, factory for more than ten years, adhere to the laptop component serious idea, in fact, now many of the normal geothermal floor manufacturer has reached a whole new level of development, quality and technology are improved, from single to multiple, from stationary to suspension, especially in the safety of the material and anticorrosion function, has the brand-new design and improve, future normal geothermal floor manufacturer will be more and more broad development space. You do not have to worry, to give you a healthy environmental protection, we should do! Choose normal geothermal floor manufacturers, we are normal geothermal floor manufacturers sen hong wood industry!!

  Contact person: Mr. Chen

  Contact number: 13766633188

  Address: muling city muling town heping road and cultural street intersection

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