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Geothermic Floor
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Geothermic Floor
产品规格: Oak wood autumn beautiful color
产品品种: 15*75*1818mm
Product details

Geothermic floor emerged more than a decade ago, because some of the destruction of the ecological environment of traditional heating system, so the geothermal heating became popular, and our geothermal floor in foreign countries, actually was not accepted by people, but because of The Times, constantly updated constantly progress, geothermal is then become families have floor by floor, choose geothermic floor is definitely choose not thick, thin, of course, everyone will worry because geothermal floor will have the harm of formaldehyde, I tell you, we sen macro wood floor, heat would never have formaldehyde harm problem, We already put this problem in the first place when making floor board, the geothermal floor of my home can eliminate formaldehyde harm, you need not worry completely, give you a healthy environment safeguard, also be what we should do! Choose geothermal floor, come to our wood industry!!

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