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Carbonized wood flooring
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Carbonized wood flooring
产品规格: Tussah90AB
产品品种: 15*120*1820mm
Product details

  Carbide wood floor with excellent performance, high shock resistance, resistance to deformation properties of the wood floor system, carbide carbide wood floor is very strict with high requirement of friction coefficient, we sen macro wood industry will be in strict accordance with national standards using carbide wood floor, if floor of wood of carbide words or too acerbity will deal damage to players, carbonized wood floor if the floor of the basketball stadium, you also need to have 90% of the sphere's ability to rebound, so the selection of floor of wood of carbide hard, have to say that there are still a lot of "dirty" businessman now, could not reach the requirements of normal carbide wood floor, the floor of wood of carbide are listed, We are committed to strict audit every floor! Assure the quality of every floor board, want to choose carbonized wood floor board so come to the wood industry of sen hong!

  Contact person: Chen jingli

  Contact number: 13766633188

  Address: muling city muling town heping road and cultural street intersection

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