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Solid wood moves the floor
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Solid wood moves the floor
产品规格: Oak wood vintage
产品品种: 15/18*90*redam
Product details

  With the touch to break the development of sports industry, the development of floor of real wood movement have also, increasingly, as long as a mention solid wood movement floor, whether it is price, or on the daily maintenance, give a person the sense of a kind of very "well", and the moistureproof processing of floor of real wood movement is to let people do not know how to start, as long as you buy in sen macro wood real wood movement floor, we will have a complete set of operation flow, for you to install, solid wood movement floor beautiful degree is definitely a than a beauty, so should choose real wood floor motion, don't come to our macro wood, you will lose!!

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  Contact number: 13766633188

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